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If you have been injured by a defective product, 

contact a Laredo Products Liability Attorney today.In the United States, perhaps more than any other country in the world, we buy products every day to fuel our consumer-oriented lifestyles and economy. We buy them for our children, for our spouses, for our parents, for ourselves, for our friends, and even for our pets. When we purchase a consumer product, we expect that it will be safe. We also expect that it will be designed in the best possible way to avoid injury to unsuspecting consumers. Equally important are necessary and adequate warnings, which should accompany products when they go on the market so that they can be used safely and in the intended manner.

Laredo defective product attorneys handle all kinds of products liability cases that cause injuries. If you have been injured due to a defective or unreasonably dangerous product, contact a Laredo products liability lawyer for a consultation regarding your right to compensation.

Laredo, TX Dangerous Products Attorneys

Texas law is very developed when it comes to product liability cases. In fact, Texas has enacted a specific Products Liability law found in Chapter 82 of the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code. This makes it all the more important that you hire a qualified Laredo dangerous products liability lawyer to handle your case.

Specific Types of Products Liability Lawyers in Laredo, Texas

To be liable to an injured plaintiff, the manufacturer and/or distributor must have placed a product into the stream of commerce, which subsequently injures someone. Laredo products liability claims range from defective lawnmowers, cars, planes, appliances, boats, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and many other items that cause Webb County residents injuries each day.

Please visit our Laredo, Texas dangerous medical device and dangerous drugs page for more specific information on these types of claims.

Who Can Be Held Liable for a Dangerous Product?

  1. Product Manufacturers
  2. Product Distributors
  3. Product Sellers

A trained Laredo defective product attorney can help you prove your claims and arrange the necessary scientific expert witnesses to prove that the manufacturer should be held accountable to you for distributing such a faulty product. Laredo product attorneys have the skill and experience to get you the money you deserve quickly and without hassle.

Laredo Rollover Accident Lawyers & Laredo Crashworthiness Lawyers

Vehicle accidents are often caused by 

defective cars. If you have been hurt by a defective 

vehicle, contact a Webb County area Products Liability 

lawyer today.Another type of products liability case that is often overlooked by the untrained practitioner relates to vehicles that are unfit for sale and perform badly in auto accidents and frequently roll over. These cases occur when a car, van, pick-up truck, or Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) rolls over or malfunctions in an auto accident. There are many potential injuries that can result when this happens, which is fairly frequent in busy Laredo, Texas traffic.

A seatbelt, airbag, or other malfunction may make the vehicle unreasonably dangerous and unfit to be sold on the market. Issues involving seat belts that come undone are often involved, causing passengers to be ejected from the vehicle and sustain more severe injuries than they would have otherwise. Similarly, roof crushing and other poor designs in a faulty vehicle may result in the death or permanent paralysis of the vehicle’s occupants.

Smart Keys

New areas of car defects surface every month. Due to successful car defect rollover lawsuits, the industry actually has tried to make a better car design. Unfortunately, new dangerous areas have now been seen. While these car defect cases are fewer, new dangerous car defects are injuring consumers. These include:

  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS) failures;
  • "Smart Key" ignitions that lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and vehicle roll-away;
  • Occupant detection sensors suppressing needed airbag and seat belt pre-tensioner activation; and
  • Throttle acceleration defects such as with Toyota.

Laredo Texas product liability lawyer can represent you regardless of where you purchased your vehicle. Almost all manufacturers have been the subject of some type of automobile product defect case including Toyota, GMC, Mercedes Benz, etc. Some auto dealerships in the Laredo area include:

Sames Budget Center
802 South Zapata Highway
Laredo, TX 78043
(956) 721-4770‎
Powell Watson Motors
1 South Auto Road
Laredo, TX 78041
(956) 722-5182‎
Toyota Of Laredo‎
6324 Northeast Bob Bullock Loop
Laredo, TX 78041
(956) 718-4200‎
Sames Honda‎
6105 San Dario Avenue
Laredo, TX 78041
(956) 723-2046‎

The "new defect" cases require experienced Laredo product defect firms to have the ability to research and screen cases in new ways. If you or a loved one has been injured due to faulty vehicle design, crashworthiness failures, or a vehicle rollover, vehicle acceleration or other defect, consult a Laredo auto defect attorney today.

For more information on Texas Products Liability law,
visit our Laredo Texas Products Liability Lawyer Statute page.

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